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Race Week

It's race week again, after a six week break from obstacle course racing it's time to get back out there and see what the work of the last month and a half has done. These weeks can always be nerve racking as you don't know what your competition has been up to and if your training has been enough. I find when those thoughts creep into my head all I can do is go back and focus on what I can do and what I have done.

There are a few things that I know for a fact, in this last training block I have gotten stronger. I am lifting heavier than I have lifted in years. I know I am leaner. I am about five pounds lighter than the last time I raced. I know I have trained, I have put in the time. I have run in snowstorms, pollution, ice, and well really any conditions. These things I know and these things I can directly control. The things I can't control are what my competition has been up to, and if you can't control it then it's not worth thinking about.

It is hard not to want to judge yourself against your competition. It's actually natural for a competitor to want to see how they stack up. However with over two decades in sport I have found that there will always be someone  faster, someone stronger, and someone who is hunting to take your place. This all leaves you with one option to be the best "you" you can be, push hard, train hard, then on race day give it your all.

Time to head off to California. See you all soon!

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