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A New Year, A New Season

It's quickly how amazing a break goes by! Last weekend I kicked off the first (well second but first obstacle race) race of the year. Although we had a six week break it seemed like it went by too fast and then I found myself again standing at the starting line.

During the last couple of weeks a lot has happened not only in my own training but also in obstacle course racing as a whole. The biggest news of the year had certainly been the sponsorship of Spartan Race by Reebok, now referred to as Reebok Spartan Race. I was not the only one who was a little worried that a big name in sport would change all that we had come to know and love of obstacle course racing and Spartan Race in particular.

As I drove tot he race site on Saturday morning I was wondering how this new change would really effect the actual race itself. I was relieved to see that after I got out of my car and headed to the race registration that Spartan Race was still, well, Spartan Race. Sure some of the signs had changed, a few new faces around the race area, but mostly it was the same as it ever was. This was comforting for me as I have watched Spartan from the first race in 2010.

As I stood on the starting line in Temecula, California it was as much the start of a race as it was a reunion of friends. I was instantly relieved to see all the friendly faces and know, it was still just a race. I can saw Temecula Super might be one of my favorite races of the year as it combines some hills, water, and great obstacles.

In the end I ended up racing both Saturday and Sunday not my most stellar performances but a good prep for the upcoming 70K Fuego y Agua Obstacle Race in Nicaragua. In the last couple of months my efforts have been focused on that event and not an eight mile race. I was pleased to see the added strength of the last couple of months of CrossFit and long snowy runs helped up my endurance and strength. My speed is a little lacking but that can be worked on after Fuego is done. For now it's about prepping for one race at a time and one adventure at a time.

Overall, Temecula eased my nerves about the new Reebok Spartan Race, eased my mind about my training, and allowed me some reprieve from the cold Utah air. Not a bad way to start off an obstacle racing season!

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