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A Reboot

I recently traveled to Mexico for a much needed break. These were my musings from the road...

Each year I go on a vacation, normally it is to some far off exotic place although the reasoning behind this is much different than one would think. It started in 2006 a year after I graduated from college I took my first trip. That year I went on a weeklong surf trip in Costa Rica, one week of healthy eating, surfing, sun and reading. That was the beginning.

Since that initial trip I have attempted to head off to a location to replicate to some extent that trip. However, in the last couple of years that trip has fallen to the wayside as my racing career blossomed and travel for races became the priority, until now. I currently find myself off the Baja California coast staring out the window onto the ocean. A much different site than my typical Salt Lake City home here in front of the ocean, on vacation or as I like to call it a reboot.

We talk about reboots in our lives often; we reboot a workout plan by infusing a hard week. We reboot a diet with a week or so of clean eating, but what about a life reboot. In the increasingly connected world it’s nearly impossible to “turn off”. Whether it be the phone, Internet, Facebook, or other stimuli. I know for me I compulsively check my Facebook and emails first thing when I wake up and it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed. It is during these reboot vacations when everything gets turned off, the first day or two I stare at my phone wondering just how many emails are sitting in my inbox, but after a day or two I push it from my brain. Instead focus on the immediate surroundings, my health, my sleep, my reading, and meals. Life becomes pretty quiet and pretty simple.

This particular reboot has a little twist as it currently is allowing me acclimate to the warmer temperatures for the upcoming Fuego y Agua 70K obstacle race in Nicaragua. We traded the winter polluted Salt Lake air for a much cleaner and warmer substitute. It also is allowing me to work on my upcoming first book, which has a rapidly approaching deadline. It is amazing when you turn everything off the focus you can have and clarity you can find in everyday life. Life can be as simple or complex as we want to make it and each reboot teaches me that. For now this reboot is about getting some Vitamin D, getting in a frigid ocean, and most importantly getting a lot of sleep. It’s about to be race season fulltime again and this reprieve will for sure fad to memory before long.

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