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CrossFit Open

Each year I set a goal to do something that is wildly outside of my comfort zone. Last year it was the Death Race, the year before it was my first ultra marathon. This year it's the CrossFit Open. Having only started CrossFit little over five months ago I am already diving into my first competition, and not a little local one but one the entire world is competing in. CrossFit predicts over 100,000 participants this year in the Open.

Each week for about the next month I will be getting along with the rest of the world, a workout a week to get the best possible score on. I am still struggling to RX a lot of the lifts and my confidence in competing at this level isn't the highest. But I have found time and time again, each event I attempt that pulls me outside of my comfort zone only helps in all other aspects of life. So this year I am putting the doubts aside, at least for the next month, and diving into the CrossFit Open.

Looking forward to reporting how this all will go over the next month. Here's to the next challenge and complete unknown.

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