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Be the you you want to see

Be the you you want to see!

That is the motto that I decided a while to live my life by. I don't always go with the grain, with the norm, or with popular opinion and that is just how I have found myself living a full and rich life. When I decided to make fitness and writing my profession many around me laughed and told me I would fail and yet here I am a year later with a book in the works, traveling the world competing, and living life each experience-to-experience.

It seems the more that you decide to go off and do what makes you internally happy is when the haters start to creep in. There are always those who will put down an idea or decision, because you are bucking the norm. Making them feel uncomfortable about something because you have chosen to do it differently. I think this is where, being you requires an extra layer of skin to grow. For the more successful you become at being you the more those will look to knock you down. I find instead of indulging in the chatter, feeding the fire, it is best to step away, use the naysayers as fuel. Instead of buy into it all put your nose to the grindstone work harder, it's during this time your goals really are accomplished, not in talking.

For the last couple of months I have put my head down, gone to work on a variety of endeavors, and instead of buying into the talk have acted. It's just about summer and competition season is always raging, we will see if the handwork is paying off. For now I challenge you to look at yourself and ask are you truly being the you, YOU want to see? If not make changes because no one will make them for you!

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