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Margaret Schlachter

Memorial Day

Growing up Memorial Day just meant I was one step closer to summer vacation. It was another day off school and one which we spent going somewhere or opening up our camp in the mountains. I didn't know many people who were in the military and those I did were the age of my grandparents. So the day didn't hold a lot of meaning. However, in the last few years my friends who are actively serving and or have served seems to have rapidly increased, with this change so to has my idea of what Memorial Day means.

Today, I look at Memorial Day not so much as a remembrance but more a day of thanks. I am thankful for all the people who have served our country and made it so I can today live my life the way I choose to. This privilege cannot be understated as we go through our daily tasks, and today I am especially grateful for this. I thank all those who have served and even more those who continue to serve and given the greatest sacrifices for our freedoms. So as I go about my daily life I give thanks to those around me, and am thankful to those who have set the foundation of what life is today for us all.

Happy Memorial Day!

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