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Margaret Schlachter

Racing with Glycofuse

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to race with the new unflavored GlycoFuse. Ever since Glycofuse was introduced to the Gaspari Nutrition line up it has become a staple of my race day nutrition. When the unflavored Supercarb was announced I was ecstatic since sometimes during a long endurance race all the sweet gels, drinks, and gummies can start to upset my stomach once sweet compounds with sweet compounds with more sweet. Then came the unflavored edition!

When I first tried the unflavored Gylcofuse I expected the salty or strange tang many other unflavored mixes contain. Upon first taste none of those flavors existed, if I hadn't known it I would have guessed nothing was mixed in the water. This was the first sign I was onto something perfect for my races that last 6, 12, or 24+ hours. When I race I am constantly needed to replenish electrolytes, and give my body a continuous stream of carbs both of which Glycofuse gives me.

Happy to be able to say after this past weekend of over 5-6 hours of racing on some tough terrain and in some difficult conditions the Gylcofuse was a winner. I can say for the next couple of ultra marathons coming up in the net couple of months I will be packing unflavored Glycofuse in my hydration vest, as well as using the tasty flavors during my gym workouts. Truly my new favorite Gaspari Nutrition product, just edging out Aminolast!

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