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Sometimes a workout is thrown at you where all you can do is put your fear aside and just trust the workout and trust your trainers. This past week one of these such workouts came across my programing. As I looked at the workout the night before I was apprehensive, not only was it a partner WOD but also one done completely blind. Sound crazy? I thought so at first. I went to bed that night thinking about how I would accomplish this workout and how to deal with losing my sight for the entire WOD. What was this WOD you might ask?

Partner WOD - Blind Baseline

500 Meter Row

40 Squats

30 Sit-ups

20 Push-ups

10 Pull-ups

It was a simple CrossFit Baseline test. My first week back training since World's Toughest Mudder. I got to the gym and had a great partner although we didn't really know each other. The way the WOD works is you close your eyes as you begin your row, then keep them closed until you finish your last pull-up. Your partner guides you through the movements and then you switch.

My only apprehension going into this workout were the pull-ups, I kept envisioning myself knocking my head on the bar or something similar. As I started the WOD I had to ease my fears and put my trust in my partner completely. She guided me through the row, and got me to the different stations. In the end the hardest part was the push-up. A push-up without seeing the ground is an interesting experience. Once the WOD was over (which was quick), I realized it was probably one of the best WOD's I could have done since it forced me to face my fears and just put them aside and do it.

I highly recommend this WOD for people to try and give yourself a challenge!

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