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Unconventional Training

Having a type A personality I like to have a schedule and stick to it. When the schedule goes off it's hard to deal with sometimes. However recently I have found my workouts in the strangest of ways, namely heating our house. My house is small and our only source of heat in the winter is either from a space heater or our wood stove. We choose the later to heat the house which means a lot of wood is needed to keep the house toasty in the winter.

I have recently started more and more to apply the same principles to this type of work as I do in my gym workouts. On Monday I spent the bulk of my day, carrying, chopping and stacking wood, actually 5 hours to be exact was spent on this task. I approached this as I would a normal workout with a pre-workout protein drink to help fuel me, than made sure to take in Glycofuse to keep my engine running through the hours and hours of work, and made sure to finish off the day with another protein drink and some Aminolast. Many times it's easy to overlook the tasks we do around the house whether it be fall/spring clean-up or other yard tasks as workouts, but indeed it might be unconventional but often after a hard day of yard work I am just as tired as a day in the gym. I have found when I properly fuel my body for these tasks my days are much more productive and more work is accomplished. These supplements are not just for the gym but also help fuel you for life. The bonus of woodchopping is now the house is warm and I got an awesome training session in the process! As I always tell people farm work is the original WOD.

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