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The future of Obstacle Racing

Yesterday feels like the true start of the season. As I boarded the plane on the way to Atlanta for a quick conference about the future of Obstacle Racing. After a day of delays and more delays I finally arrived to Atlanta late last night. Today starts the USOCR conference. USOCR aims to help bring organization and secure the future of the sport. Tomorrow I head back home and then Sunday the true race season begins as I another plane and head down to Nicaragua for Fuego Y Agua again this year. With all this traveling their are a few things I make sure to do to help make travel a little easier.

1. Waterbottle - instead of buying bottles of water in the airport, I bring along a water bottle and go to the nearest bar or restaurant and ask them to fill it. Most if not all are happy to help.

2. Food - I pack healthy snacks before I leave the house, as well as protein for a shake when I need some food in a snap. Luckily more and more healthy options are popping up in airports, if you want a healthy meal you can find one.

3. Compression Socks - long travel days make for fatigued muscles without even doing anything. To decrease those post plane ride pains I head out with compression socks on for the flight. When traveling for long periods I go one step further and wear full compression tights, especially on the way home from races.

4. More Water - although every time I fly I just want a ginger-ale, I normally opt out and ask for water. Staying hydrated while traveling is critical while flying, the dry air in the cabin can make it harder to stay hydrated. However, most flight attendants are happy to fill your water bottle instead of getting the small glass. On a recent flight my flight attendant offered to fill it before I could ask.

5. Stay Calm - travel can be stressful. It can be tough when your normal routine is disrupted. However, the calmer you can stay when changes occur the happier overall you will be. If you are delayed for a while, find a quiet place in the airport and find your spot to camp out. Increasingly more and more airports are offering free wifi and areas to charge electronics. Find your spot, plug in, make yourself a protein drink, and surf the web or watch a movie.

Overall, traveling can be stressful even more when you are trying to get to a competition. However, if you go into each trip seeing it as it's own unique journey you will be much happy. Also you never know who you will see or run into while in an airport. You might just be able to introduce a new person to OCR.

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