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Scaling vs. Intensity in Training

It's time for the CrossFit Open again and although I signed up this year I am not submitting scores. Between the travel and race schedule my focus could no longer singularly focused on the Open so instead this year I have been doing the WOD's when in town and have been enjoying pushing myself and unofficially seeing how I would stack up on the competition. I had a fun time with 14.3 and today complete 14.4. For those not doing the CrossFit Open 14.4 was a chipper (or more than 4 exercises strung together)

14.4 WOD

14 Minute AMRAP

60 calorie row

50 toes - 2 - bar

40 Wall Balls 14# for women

30 Cleans 95# for women

20 muscle ups

The intensity level should be high on this one and you should feel gassed at the end. I arrived at the gym this morning knowing to do this workout prescribed it would look much different than how it was intended. Alternatively we had a scaled option and it was recommended to everyone who was not submitting a score. The scale was:

14 Min AMRAP

60 Calorie Row

50 Sit-ups

40 Wall Balls

30 Cleans

20 Ring Rows

I looked at the alternative and knew that would be the better option for me today. Instead of struggling to get through movement after movement with the modifications I would be able to push hard for the entire 14 minutes and would be able to at least complete the whole set. As the workout began I knew I made the right move when I was able to get through the whole routine and start again on the rower with over a minute left.

It was a good lesson in scaling a workout back a little bit in order to preserve the intensity intended. A great lesson to remember for even the seasoned athlete. Sometimes it's better to scale back in order to push harder than just try to push missing the point of the workout. Another great day in the gym and another day I will be sore tomorrow. Time for recovery drinks!

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