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Aminolast and Chia Seeds

I posted a photo on my instagram account the other day after playing around with some new chia seeds that came in the mail to me from Mamma Chia. I really love chia seeds and have started to use them in all sorts of things just above the normal chia seed protein pudding (I'll write up that recipe soon) but incorporating it into the bread we make and more recently into my drinks. After a tough couple of training sessions I decided to drop some chia seeds into my shaker along with my recovery Aminolast. Currently I am on a strawberry kiwi kick when it comes to flavors. Although drinking chia seeds can be a little weird at first it is strangely addicting and adding them to my recovery drink was been a fun and awesome addition!

If you only think of chia seeds as the stuff you use to sprout on those ceramic pets, it is much much more than a side item for your own amusement. There are actually some great health benefits to adding chia into your diet. Below are the top 10!

Fiber - a one ounce serving of chia seeds offers up 11 grams of fiber

Omega-3 Fatty Acids - these fats help your brain and each one ounce serving offers 5 grams

Calcium - one serving offers 18% of your daily intake of calcium

Manganese - one serving offers 30% of your daily intake of this mineral

Phosphorus -  each serving contains 27% and is used by the body to synthesize protein for cell and tissue growth and repair

Protein - one serving has about 4 grams

Stabilize Blood Sugar - chia has been shown to help stabilize blood sugar which helps to keep body fat down.

Tryptophan - the amino acid found in turkey is also in chia seeds which can help control appetite as well as keep you in a good mode.

Gluten Free - good for those looking to cut out gluten.

Antioxidants - they are packed with them which can help ward off effects of aging and some cancers.

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