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My condolenscences

With the tragedy still fresh on everyone’s mind I wanted to take the time to express how much it saddens me. I want to offer my condolences to all who were affect in this unspeakable event, mostly the parents of the children lost, but also their loved ones, the surviving staff, neighbors, and community members. [...]

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Leg Routine…

I am often asked about my workout routines. In honor of the insane leg workout tonight leaving me staggering out of the gym and my training partner sick in the trash can, I thought I would blog our workout! We started with leg extensions. We performed three drop sets, dropping the weight three times within [...]

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The holiday season

I decided to raise my intensity in my off season workouts a little early. I am still using the YT3 training methods but was planning on taking it easy until after the first the year. The love for the weights wouldn’t allow that. I craved to do more than what I was so I listened [...]

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