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We had a big weekend with Flex magazine coming into Olympus filming a video series on Flex-- "Flex Lewis Week. It started on Thursday morning when we all met to eat at one of our favorite places, IHOP. After stuffing our faces we went straight to Olympus to train biceps! Needless to say, we had a crazy, intense workout as usual. Flex Mag catches every second from pre workout to post workout meal. After training I ate and completed work for the day at the gym. Friday we had a special guest from TNA Wrestling come down to train. Right after the training session Animal Hour was starting up, and the gym was packed with serious lifters of all types. Everyone loves Animal Hour. You can always count on the best training session of the week on this day. When the day was complete the only thing left to do was rest. Saturday morning came early with a few business meetings. When they were complete, we headed out to the family farm in Lebanon, TN to shoot guns--our second favorite past time! I collect rare weapons. I own many pistols, rifles, shotguns, ect. One of my most prized possessions is my Barrett 50 cal with which I enjoy shooting tannerite explosive targets. You can view this being done on the "Flex Lewis Week" by Flex Magazine. On Sunday we woke up, ate breakfast, then shot a hardcore back workout. Directly following that, we went to the TNA wrestling event in Nashville. It was my first wrestling event, and we all had a great time. Monday, the final day, we woke up and went straight to shoot a tricep workout, and finish interviews since the Flex Magazine photographers had to catch a midday flight back home. This was the conclusion of videotaping "Flex Lewis Week", and I would like to say they are a great company to with which to work. Caleb Ralston was the videographer for the shoot, and we admire both he and his work. All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Until next time, Sean Barber signing out. Train hard and wideopen!

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