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This weekends Music City Muscle

I wanted to invite all the local Tennessee bodybuilding fans to this weekend’s Muscle City Muscle hosted by Brandon and Brandy Curry! It will be held in Nashville, at TPAC, and is sure to be an exciting event!! They’ve got a huge turnout of competitors, coming from nine states and I couldn’t be happier for them. Brandon and Brandy have been a part of the Olympus family for years and I am happy for their success! No two people work harder to put on a good show for both the athletes and the audience. We will have a booth set up inside the venue so come say hi, check out the new shirts, and check out some surprises we have in store from Gaspari Nutrition. I am lucky to be sponsored by such a giving company that supports not only my show but the shows we are a part of! Big shout out and thanks to Joe for working with me to get some special stuff together!

Brandon and Brandy, with the help of an IFBB judge, Shoshanna, held a posing clinic this past weekend at the gym. Competitors, if there is ever a clinic held in your area I would highly recommend it. Not only for novice competitors but for anyone that plans on competing. Although judging is mainly based on symmetry, shape, and proportion, I believe that your stage presence and poise also comes into play when it is a close call between two competitors. After the hours of training and discipline of dieting for several months (for most) the last thing you want to do is be unfamiliar with hitting those mandatory poses! So a big congratulations to my good friends, The Curry’s, and also GOOD LUCK to all the competitors stepping on stage this weekend! Train hard and wide open! Sean Barber

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