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Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween! My son, who is five, had me running all over town Tuesday night for one particular costume. Nothing else would do, he was determined to be the Hulk. After about five unsuccessful attempts at finding this particular outfit and fighting the masses of people who had also waited until the last minute, I finally found one! On the way home I asked him, “Of all the costumes we saw, why in the world are you so set on being the Hulk?” “Because, Daddy, he has big muscles and is the strongest of them all like you.” Well needless to say that made all the hectic searching well worth it. He got to wear his costume to school and have a parade around the gym for the parents. Of course Aiden was a ham, waving and showing his fists off. Later, we chaperoned him with his class at Lucky Ladd Farms, a pumpkin patch. The kids had fun picking out a pumpkin, going on a hayride, playing in the corn, and play area. Being able to do things like that is what makes the sometimes overwhelming stress of owning a business all worth it! Needless to say, after trick or treating last night and a bucket full of candy, everyone in the Barber house slept well.

I had a blast at last weekend’s Music City Muscle! Team Olympus brought some top notch competitors. As a sponsor of many and owning the gym that turns out so many novice and seasoned competitors, it makes me proud! I was presented with the Impact Award Saturday evening which was pretty special for me. Myself and Olympus was honored for being home of several IFBB pros and supporting the growth of this sport throughout the state.

I have several friends competing next weekend at Nationals so I want to give all of them a quit shout out and good luck! One of which is Brandon Williams. I got the chance to train Brandon yesterday and push him through one of his last depletion workouts before stepping on stage. Brandon has his game face on and is hungry for success. Watch out for him in Atlanta.

Until time next guys, train hard and wide open! Sean Barber[gallery]

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