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Rich Burke, a good friend and a general manager at Olympus, competed yesterday at the Kentucky Muscle. He brought home a win in his class, the light heavies. Rich will be competing at Nationals next weekend and I know he will do great! When Rich moved from New York and joined the gym, I saw potential in him that I don’t think he knew he had! This kid, only 19 at the time, was a walking freak! Rich is one of the most humble and down to earth people you will ever meet. That being said, he just liked to work out and I don’t think he ever dreamed of competing. After not only myself, but Brandon, and many others from the industry encouraging him to try his hand, he finally stepped on stage and has been at it ever since. Congratulations Rich!

I received a text from an acquaintance yesterday afternoon commenting on the turnout of Olympus competitors at the Ky Muscle and how great it must be to be a part of our team. Yes, I am bragging, but give me my moment… I give our competitors my support 100% and each and every one of them makes me proud. The Olympus athletes encourage and motivate each other not only backstage but throughout the entire year! We hold meetings, posing clinics, and appreciation days just to acknowledge the hard work and dedication that goes into each and every one of our competitors prep. We have single mothers, mothers of 5+ children, men working two jobs, people who have lost abundant amounts of weight, people with physical restrictions, etc who come in every day with no excuses, determined to meet a goal. That folks makes me proud to be a part of!

As the season wraps up, remember a good off season is essential! Don’t let the holidays make you lazy. Remember, most of us will be eating some pretty bad stuff. Whether you’re a clean eater or not, everyone has their favorite holiday dish that isn’t so good for you. Stay motivated! And as always, train hard and wide open! Sean Barber

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