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The holiday season

I decided to raise my intensity in my off season workouts a little early. I am still using the YT3 training methods but was planning on taking it easy until after the first the year. The love for the weights wouldn’t allow that. I craved to do more than what I was so I listened to my body and am giving it what it wants. With Thanksgiving barely past us and all the holiday parties coming up in December followed by New Years, I have really cleaned my diet up and am regulating my carbs and fats. Staying strict with eating clean not only makes me feel better and stronger but also helps when I do eat on those special occasions. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference sticking to a clean diet makes when you have those “cheats”. Your body will purge the bad stuff more easily and for me, I see no significant changes in the scales. As always I am following my daily regimen of Gaspari supplements. My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. I mix my oats with some raisins and two scoops of Myofusion. If you have a hard time getting your oats in or just want to switch things up a bit I highly recommend trying it out!

On the home front, I am really concentrating on the marketing and promotions of the gyms, amping up for the New Years rush. Decembers are often slower than usual because people are spending on Christmas but I am pretty proud to say we have some dedicated members who are still working hard every day. We are selling memberships, gift cards, and merchandise, shirts, wraps, you name it, as gifts for family of our members so business is going well. I’ve had a lot of reviews from my participation in “No Shave November” since no one has ever seen me with any facial hair. Being ex military it’s just something I never considered. Some are calling it the “off season beard” which so many bodybuilders seem to do. Either way, I think I’ll keep it a while! I’ve attached a pic for you guys to see. I look forward to the holidays where I can take a little extra time with the family and take my son to see the lights, parade, and all the other Christmas time things. January is an extremely busy month so I take time to fuel up for the long hours I work at the first of the year. Yesterday we spent the day at Opry Mills. Aiden added some things to his Christmas list, we had lunch at the aquarium which he loved, and we let him climb his first rock wall. He’s definitely got athletic genes. He scaled the wall, got about three fourths of the way up hesitated, then was determined to reach the top. I’m proud we have instilled confidence and determination in him even at a young age. Besides the crazy crowds it was a pretty good day. We are going to Gatlinburg the week before Christmas to shop a little, see Santa, and just enjoy the beautiful mountains at Christmastime. It seems to be the beginning of a tradition as this is the third year we have been during the holidays. Another tradition we have began this year is our Johnny Elf (on a shelf). I had no clue these things existed, but have to admit it’s pretty cool to see my son searching in the mornings and the smile on his face when he finds his elf. As far as the story helping promote good behavior until Christmas well we are still working on that one. He is definitely a free spirited five year old that reminds me a lot of myself when I was young! Until next time guys, stay safe in all this holiday craziness and of course train hard and wide open! Sean Barber


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