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I am often asked about my workout routines. In honor of the insane leg workout tonight leaving me staggering out of the gym and my training partner sick in the trash can, I thought I would blog our workout! We started with leg extensions. We performed three drop sets, dropping the weight three times within each set. Each set consisted of a total of forty-five reps. If you train like I do, and as I suggest, you should not be able to complete a full set without resting for at least a few seconds then finishing. Rest if needed but do not get off the machine! Immediately afterwards, move into squats. Using moderate weight on a straight bar, shoot for fifteen reps (this should be extremely hard to accomplish). Tonight I used 135, but adjust your weight as needed for your level of strength. After a short rest, we did single leg presses on the Smith machine. Three sets, twelve to fifteen reps each leg. Again, we took a short rest then moved to the seated leg press. We did another drop set, again with three drops in weight per set at fifteen reps each. To finish, we did some body weight walking lunges at about twenty steps per leg, totaling forty reps per set. We barely got through three sets of these as my legs were shot. After lunges I decided to push myself and finish completely destroying my legs so we went back over to the leg extension machine and got through two sets, shooting for fifteen but going to failure. So there it is! Hope you guys enjoy this workout. It is guaranteed to build and improve those legs. Train hard and wide open! Sean Barber

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