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With the tragedy still fresh on everyone’s mind I wanted to take the time to express how much it saddens me. I want to offer my condolences to all who were affect in this unspeakable event, mostly the parents of the children lost, but also their loved ones, the surviving staff, neighbors, and community members. I will not begin to try to fathom the grief they must be feeling this holiday season and will only offer prayer to each and every one of them who are hurting. Being a parent of a five year old little boy, this has hit close to home. The truth of the matter is that a terrorist like Adam Lanza could enter any of our schools at any moment and commit a violent crime against our kids. We have been torn as to how to educate our son or to preserve his innocence and leave it in our educator’s hands to expose them to the mandatory drills preparing them for events such as these. Aiden has heard conversation but is unaware of what took place. We are choosing to keep it that way for the time being. We are lucky that he attends a wonderful school that instills safety and run through drills constantly even going as far as to act out how to escape in case a perpetrator enters the building. They have a great security system that all employees abide by, which I am confident will be heightened even more in the near future. The fact of the matter is, that security CAN be breached at any time we must just live by faith that our children are protected in the best way possible when we send them to school each day. Aiden is in kindergarten and we feel it is so important that he feels safe and confident in where he is going each day. We don’t believe that making him aware of the events or teaching him certain “get away strategies” will allow him to flourish but instill fear, so for now we will talk and listen if he has questions and with age expose him to as much as we feel he is ready to know. This is the road we chose to take, I am not trying to advise anyone else on how to parent nor push my opinions on anyone else, please take note of that as I continue my blog.

I want talk about this new urgency on gun control. I am going to reiterate what you have probably heard over and over these last few weeks. GUNS DO NOT KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. It takes one good guy with a gun to stop one bad guy with a gun. I have had several conversations with people over the past few days, sharing breaking info on what happened and what we could do to prevent it reoccurring. One idea I’ve tossed around in my household that seems to be agreed with is that our children should be protected. You can walk into any court house, federal building, or sometimes even the most unexpected places and be greeted by an armed officer. Why do we not have that type of security protecting our kids? There are many ways to do this. Have an armed security officer at each school, have one weapon in a lock box in the central area of the building, give each teacher the option of having a weapon. Before I get a mass of negative feedback, let me be clear, NO I do not want my son’s teacher reading a book in her rocking chair while carrying a gun on her side. I do stand behind my thoughts and ideas though and with parent involvement and brainstorming I think a solution to this issue could be obtained. If you are a parent that is totally anti-gun, I am sure there are those teachers also, assign those teachers with those students but give me the right to mandate how I would like my child to be protected in case of an attack.

Guys it is a terrible world we are living in to have to even think of these possibilities, have this fear, or have to justify the protection of our own children but it its reality. A criminal will find a way to commit these heinous acts in any situation. Prisoners are stabbed daily with homemade weapons; you can learn to make homemade bombs online! There will always be a black market that allows the purchase of weapons and there will always be methods for hurting innocent people.

I want to close by saying this. Each one of us still has the freedom of speech and free thought and I have merely expressed mine. This holiday season, regardless of your thoughts on gun control and beliefs on how to prevent this senseless act of violence. Hug your kids! Do not let them go out the door each morning without a smile on your face and a kiss on their cheek. I would like to share this last thing with you. Last night we attended a Christmas party at family members and before we ate the Christmas goods and played a game of charades we gathered in the living room where the center piece was the tree. This year it was decorated differently. There were only 26 ornaments on the tree, all of which were angels. Each had the name of everyone lost that horrible day in CT. It was a truly beautiful and deeply painful sight all at the same time. Below is a pic I thought you would enjoy. Merry Christmas everyone! This year I am going to especially enjoy my family and son on Christmas morning. Train hard and wide open!

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