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New Years Diet

Happy New Year guys! I hope everyone had a blessed holiday and binged on whatever your favorite may be! I made it through the holidays solid I would say, I didn’t put on anything noticeable as of yet but I did indulge! Guys splurging on the holidays are normal. You deserve a break. I personally kill it every day, at minimal, six days a week, even during off season. Eat clean throughout the day while still eating well. A turkey burger, wheat bun, and sweet potato fries, Mongolian grill with protein of every type and veggies topped with rice, A Logan’s sirloin with baked potato and salad. Egg whites and oatmeal being a must at every breakfast, although I will switch up fruits to keep things interesting (one day fresh strawberries the next pineapple or banana). Off season dinner is on! But for me it still has to be the perfect combo of protein and a good carb source. Steak and baked potato, salmon and sweet potato fries, ground sirloin and red potato casserole, turkey, chicken, or tuna taco salad. If you want lasagna or mac n cheese, whatever your guilty pleasure is, once a month have it! Until you enter official “contest cut down” have a dirty cheat! Enjoy it while you can and take this off season to grow. Don’t stress about gaining that extra few pounds if you need to, know that is the only way to gain. At the same time, gain at a healthy lean pace with proper exercise and a virtually clean diet so that it sits well! There are so many variations to an off season diet. You should never get tired of what you’re eating. This week work on a diet plan. Log every meal by portion. Each week keep the carb or protein sources the same just switch up the way you prepare them to trick yourself into getting a change. Tilapia: bake it in a sugar free sauce, pan fry it with Pam, grill it, make a hash, baked with lemon and marg, fish patties, fish meatloaf. Steak: grilled, pan fried, dried, smoked, and marinated, in a crock pot, slow cooked, chicken: grilled, boiled, baked, stewed, shredded. Diet prep (off season or not) is essential. Eat to grow. Next time, I am going to share an off season chest workout. It’s a fairly quick tear down of the pec muscle and guaranteed max growth. Until then train hard and wide open!!

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