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As most of you guys know, I try to donate to many different charities throughout the year, as much as our budget allows. Having a son it is very important to me to donate to various children’s charities and surrounding school systems. I met a great lady several years ago now that helps assist me in doing both. Not only is she a huge advocate for a charity in which I donate regularly to, Project Help, but she also works for a local radio station which does a mix of talk radio and broadcasting of the high school football games in Murfreesboro. Once a month she allows me to guest speak on her radio show about health and fitness. I love this segment every month because I get to branch out to my community and share the knowledge I have obtained throughout the years of being in the industry. Along with me, also visiting the studio was a salon owner, and a hospice employee. We had a good discussion that many of the “average community” might not have thought of before. Each of us is all in the healthcare industry in very different ways but can indeed work together in cross promoting and educating people. I like to think of my company as preventive healthcare. Having a healthy lifestyle and workout regimen prevent a lot of the self-inflicted diseases this hospice worker was seeing. Do not misunderstand, I know there are circumstances that cannot be avoided and eventually age will catch each and every one of us, but I do believe in prolonging your life! Diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. are all proven can be lowered if not prevented completely through diet and exercise. The salon worker is probably the most obvious. Although it is absolutely more important to take of the inside, taking care of the outside is important too! It raises the question just how many professions out there actually go hand in hand and could actually work together to get our nation more fit and healthy without straying outside of their everyday duties? Something to think about folks. Until next time train hard and wide open. Sean Barber

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