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Vegas, good times.

As you guys know I flew out to Vegas Friday early morning to meet up with my boys Flex and Joe to support fellow Gaspari athlete, Frankie Edgar, and have a little fun! The flight was long and the wholesome food was scarce as always with travelling but I finally made it, got a rental car, and checked into the hotel. Flex arrived about an hour later, Joe shortly after. I was stoked to see my training partner and best friend after months needless to say we did a lot of catching up over a big meal. Friday afternoon we went to the weigh-ins for Saturdays UFC event. Saturday morning we hit IHOP, which is the spot for Flex and me regardless of what state we may be in! We headed straight over to a Vegas gym, City Athletic Club, we couldn’t wait to hit the weights together it’s been way to long. I met the owner, which was already an acquaintance of Flex’s and received the VIP treatment. A huge shout out to the owner for a concept I had never seen before. If you ever visit Vegas you MUST hit this gym up. It was like they lifted up your typical fitness facility and put it in the middle of a bad ass night club! This wouldn’t make it in Murfreesboro but it spells VEGAS all day. After tearing up a shoulder workout we went back to the hotel and got ready for the fights. We were staying at the Mandalay Bay where the fights were taking place so we headed down to show our support and represent Gaspari. Frankie did lose the fights but me and the company is very proud of him and knows this is only one stepping stone in his very long and prosperous career. You would assume we would have hit the after party but we all went back to the room and caught up on some much needed sleep. We woke up ready to go again Sunday morning, hit up IHOP, then the gym where we trained triceps. Joe was not going to miss the Super Bowl, Vegas or not, so we took off to find somewhere to watch the game. Although Flex and myself are far from avid football followers we took one for our boy Joe, found a hotspot and talked more than watching the game. We made the most of our last night in Vegas to say the least and after no sleep let’s just say Monday was quite the bust. I not only lost my plane ticket home but proceeded to miss my flight and spent hours in the airport on no sleep trying to get home. I landed in Nashville around 10:30p.m. and made it home around midnight, never so glad to see my own bed. It was an epic weekend and seeing my boys was worth it all. Can’t wait to see my boys again in a few months. Until next time train hard and wide open! Sean Barber

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