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I am finally catching up enough from being away at the Arnold long enough to fill you guys in on my weekend, Gaspari, and the 25th Arnold Sports Festival! I didn't have to fly out until late morning, Thursday, but I woke up early to run some errands and check in with my clubs before going to the airport. I made it with some time to spare, luckily because my bags exceeded the weight limit. I rearranged what I could trying to pack as much as possible onto my already full carry-on. After many hours spent at airport and a BB appetite I loaded up on food this time! I finally slipped the guy some cash and my bags magically weighed less. Flights were on time and I arrived in Columbus mid day, I waited at baggage claim only to realize a half hour later my bag was not there. I did the usual paperwork on lost luggage, grabbed a rental car and went straight to the venue hoping they would recover my bag before I needed a shower. I met up with the Team Gaspari who was already there starting to setup, got my badge, and jumped in putting our booth together. I got lucky and by the time I was leaving the venue the airline had called and had my bags waiting. These are the times, and exactly why, I insist on a rental when I travel. What I would have spent in the back and forth of a taxi would have tripled for what I paid for my own ride. (Traveling tip for you guys) I got my bags and went to the hotel to unpack and get ready for our team meeting/dinner with the Gaspari athletes and reps. We went over our product, both new and old, assigned places, and planned for the crazy weekend ahead. Exhausted from travelling all day I crashed early. It was so good to train with my partner again Friday morning and Metro Fitness in downtown Columbus. Flex online as well as some photographers were there as we shot a week 3: YT3 training session with myself, Flex, Neil, and Ken Jackson. It was intense and always badass training with my partner but also with Neil Hill. I never take a session for granted, as many people dream to have that opportunity and I am grateful! We knocked the workout out quick and were at the expo by ten a.m. we put in a full day, grabbed dinner, and hung out in the lounge for a bit before turning in. I knew from last year what to expect on Saturday and I need my sleep! It was as crazy as or maybe worse than the previous years. Gaspari reps and athletes took pics, sold product, and answer questions of fans that waited in crazy lines to visit our booth. Saturday night we geared up for the show and watched proudly as Rich Gaspari, the founder of Gaspari and a mentor of many people received the Lifetime Achievement Award. Sunday was slower as things wrapped up and we got to spend more time talking with tons of people who had already visited our booth over the weekend and were coming back for more product or knowledge. I made it to the airport that afternoon on time which is not often for me. I grabbed some food and couldn't wait to sit down. I landed in Nashville around eleven Sunday. Once again the Arnold did not disappoint and put on an impressive expo! If you guys missed us this year we will be at the Olympia come say hi. Until then train hard and wide open.

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