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OAC Updates and Renovations

I have been slammed this week as I am giving my oldest location a make over! We are a few days in and hope to be done as quickly as possible so that we aren't too much of a disruption to our members. Any minor inconvenience you may experience as we have had to move some equipment around etc. Will be worth it when you see the upgrades in the weeks to come! I fully understand the importance of staying competitive in the gym industry, especially with gyms popping up all over the place as people seem to be increasingly health conscious. But for us that's not what its all about. I am confident that the majority of our member basis will be here long term. We develop relationships with our members, learn their person story and goals, and know a large number outside of the gym in school, social, and community settings. With that being said, we like to keep things new and exciting as well as keeping the old and familiar. With that combo we have made OAC a success and want that to continue. Just like every business we have the normal bills to pay but strive to put back into the club as much as allows to give our members a variety of equipment, new services, ever changing classes, etc. Keeping our members happy is what keeps us alive! So to all existing members hope you are excited and happy with all the new things to come and to our future members come out what we've done! Train hard and wide open! Sean Barber

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