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Olympia Wrap Up

Wow worst timing ever! I had to fly to the Olympia the week myself and my family were packing to move! Of course Michelle teased that it was intentional and honestly I can't lie, as bad as I dreaded the flight, trying to keep on my meals, and not sleeping in my new house, I did enjoy not having to pack up house! I can't wait for the Olympia each year! Especially now that my best friend and training partner Flex Lewis is the reigning champion! I missed Flex this year as he was doing interviews and appearances but I was there when he took the title again! I am lucky to know Flex as more than just Team Gaspari but as a friend, an uncle to my son, and a mentor. Congrats Bro! I made my flight (for once) back home on Sunday to the chaos of moving, in the mix I lost my Grandfather, more to come soon once back to Murfreesboro. Train hard and wide open!

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