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My latest charity event!

I am involved with many different charity events throughout the year. I am particularly excited about my first partnership of the year with the charity Above the Rim. This is a basketball program that has operated in schools and various locations across Murfreesboro for several years. The program focuses on teaching youth the skills of basketball but also with an emphasis on building character, teaching them everything from anger management to life skills to help them prepare for the future. SEBRA (Southern Extreme Bull Riding Association is also working with me to raise money for this charity. Here is how this all works. SEBRA is holding their rodeo finals at the Miller Coliseum here in Murfreesboro Friday and Saturday night. They are also donating a portion of their proceeds to this charity. I have challenged the cowboys to a tug of war hosted by Olympus, Thursday afternoon. They have agreed but in return if my gym raises $1000 for charity I have to jump on the back of a bucking bull, on their turf Friday night during finals! Now I would never discourage people from donating, so I am mentally prepping myself to hold up to my end of the bargain! I will post pics and maybe a video of the whole experience to share with you guys. Wish me luck! Train hard and wide open! Sean Barber

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