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Agnieszka Pregowska

Food For Thought: VOILÀ

While at work and in need of a healthy snack, try FAGE Total Greek yogurt which is a high concentration of all-natural 23g protein, raw ingredients, low calorie count and combine it with Gaspari IsoFusioin 25g of protein to make a delicious, quick snack!  Add some almonds, 12 count which is 80 calories, 3g of Protein. VOILÀ!!!!!

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The Struggles: Make it Happen

Working a full time job, 10+ hours in the office a day is draining, not to mention it interferes with my training schedule for volleyball! If you want to pursue a career, along with a professional sports career, you need to have some extreme discipline and motivation. How can you pass up an incredible job [...]

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Off-Season:Be Mindful

Every competitor/athlete has an off season that is crucial for muscle recuperation and mental rest from months of hard training.  We are all human.  Time off does not mean forgetting light training or diet. To maintain muscle definition and strength, stay consistent with light weights, and cardio, along with a good healthy diet that includes [...]

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