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Dominick Cardone

Offseason update Sept 2013

Hey guys, just got back from a 3 week cool down period. I wasn't training 100%, but needed to take a small break to allow myself mentally and physically to get back on top. I was going strong all year so the body has to catch up. Now im back on my A game and ready to grow some more. Still around 245lb and getting leaner surprisingly. Eating more than I ever have as well and taking in a TON of carbs. My body has been reacting so well to everything ive thrown at it.

I am still shooting for the 2014 Atlantic States. I am going for it all, the OVERALL! If I win the overall, I will then move onto Junior Nationals. I'm so excited to finally see where I stand after a solid off season. As well as no longer being a teen! My dad is currently prepping for the Easterns in November as well. So he is keeping me motivated! Follow me on twitter @domcardone

Current workout supplement stack:


1-2 scoops superdrive


125-150g of carbs from glycofuse

2 scoops of aminolast

post workout-

75g of carbs from glycofuse

50g of protein from isofusion

10g of aminolast

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