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Importance of Amino Acids in your diet!

A lot of people wonder, "Do I really need extra amino acids?".....Well, the answer is, MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER KNOW! We as athlete put our bodies under a lot of stress and tension as we want to grow and increase our performance no matter what sport. Therefore, the body has its needs. You need to fuel your body to the MAX, to get maximum performance and recovery. I'm a very big believer in maximizing recovery to make gains. This is the result as proper diet, proper rest, and proper/correct supplementation. This is where amino acids come into play. We break our muscles down, to make them bigger, right? So you need to feed your self extra to make sure you get those extra gains. This is why I use AMINOLAST numerous times during the day. I use half a scoop in between meals 2x a day. During training I use 2 scoops of AMINOLAST with 1 scoop of GLYCOFUSE. I feel this way, having a constant flow of aminos keeps me in an anabolic state. Which in turn will keep me anabolic. Cant forget about the ammonia killing effects of AMINOLAST as well! #fuelyourself

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