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Believe and you shall achieve! Unlock your mind!

This is probably one of my favorite tools to use in achieving success. It is not hard to find....cost nothing...and is pretty easy to use...YOUR BRAIN! YOUR MIND! YOUR THOUGHTS! I cant stress enough to athletes (OR ANYBODY LOOKING TO ACHIEVE A GOAL). Having the proper mind set, WILL in fact make or break you. I was very fortunate this year to have worked with Oscar Ardon. He is very well known for instilling a champion like mindset, into his clients. Kai Greene, the most notable client of his, showed this mindset 24/7....Going through the motions just isnt enough to achieve something. You must be involved not only physically, but mentally. Ever hear, "Thoughts become things?"......Its called positive attraction. The more constant, positive thinking about a goal, the more likely it is to be achieved. Any bit of doubt in yourself, can set you up for failure. NO thoughts of failure can EVER be thought on your journey in achievement. As humans it is very natural to think some negative things from time to time. But it is a champion, that gets rid of these thoughts immediately and stays on his/her path. Positive thoughts attract positive things. Negative thoughts attract negative things. Pretty simple....

It doesn't matter if you want to pass a test or become the next Mr. Olympia or become an all star baseball player. A strong, focused mindset, is a must. Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Derrick Jeter and many other great athletes display this strong mind in there craft. We all know Flex Lewis?! ANOTHER great champion who instills this mindset into all his achievements.

-Write your goals down EVERYDAY

-Why do you want to achieve it?

-Imagine yourself succeeding

-If you fall down, pick yourself right back up

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