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My offseason savior!!!

Hey guys, hope all is well. The new year is in full swing and so is my offseason!!!! I'm 236lb right now and trying to lean out as well. Going to the Arnold in march (WOOHOO!)...So definitely stop by the Gaspari booth and say whats up! I wanted to share a recipe that is keeping my taste buds loose and happy. We all know eating clean throughout the year can get boring. But this ground turkey recipe is to die for. It makes you look forward to eating!

2-3 lbs ground turkey

2 red peppers

Jalapeño peppers

Mrs. Dash original flavor

1 can of black beans

Start by cooking turkey in a pan and stir frequently.

Cut up red peppers and jalapeño .

When turkey about 3/4 cooked ,add and stir in peppers,jalapeño and mrs dash to taste.

When fully cooked add in drained black beans and stir in. Cook for additional 2 minutes.


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