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Carbohydrates and Performance – Separating Fact From Fiction

If you are overly concerned with carbohydrates, then you really aren’t concerned with performance, recovery, or lean muscle. True athletes understand the importance of carbohydrates. Glycogen is what helps fuel your workouts and keep muscles volumized. There is no way around that!  Here’s the reality. Not all carbs are created equal. There’s a lot of [...]

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Episode 3 of my FLEX Online series, Defending The Olympia 212 Title -Chest

Hey guys. We’re 5 weeks out from the Olympia Weekend and this is by far the best prep I have experienced thus far.  As I’ve said previously, if Neil is happy then I am happy. I have been working on a lot of improvements, but most notably my chest.  In episode 3 of my FLEX [...]

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FLEX Online Series – Episode 2, Supplement Program and Back Training

Hey guys. Its late Sunday night. This week I spent a couple of days in Dallas at the Grand Opening of the new GASP destination. I want to congratulate Michael and his team, they are doing big things Texas style to promote the sport of bodybuilding. I had the pleasure of shooting with Per Bernal [...]

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New FLEX Online Series –Defending The Olympia 212 Showdown Title

Right now I’m about 7.5 weeks out from defending my title at the Olympia. My prep is the best it’s ever been thus far and I’m ahead of schedule. Neil is happy, so I am happy.  I am excited about getting on stage in Vegas, but I wanted to discuss the release of my new [...]

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10 Weeks Out from 2013 Olympia

With the 2013 Olympia now under 10 weeks away cardio has began! We have all heard about guys bragging about not doing cardio “I dont need it, I have a fast metablism” or “my coach tells me I cant get away with it” listen I’m one of the most conditioned guys up on the Olympia [...]

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Joe Weider RIP

Its hard to find a starting point whilst speaking about Joe, a paragraph, a sentence to describe Joe Weider a man whom devoted his life to fitness and all avenues of it. He was a pioneer whom became a world wide legend, some might call him a Christopher Columbus of fitness as what we see as [...]

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Gaspari Tour Italy- Part 1

This last weekend i was asked to attend the 2 Torri show Italy i was due to fly back to the states but Rich (Gaspari) personally asked me to go and as i do have a lot of Italian fans i thought a extra week in Europe and not forgetting all the amazing food italy [...]

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Olympia Carb Up

Unlike my other years my depletion phase wasn’t so extreme, like I said I was having 120g of carbs a day. When it came to load we started with a ‘’regular’’ day’s eating for myself and continued to increase the carbs for as long as my digestive tract was processing the food properly and I [...]

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Olympia Depletion Days 1-3

`What a crazy few days the last week has been which explains my absence on the blog! As you can imagine, after fulfilling a lifelong dream and winning the 212 Mr Olympia title I have barely had a chance to eat my meals, nevertheless I have!! So back to business, the week going into the [...]

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Sunday packing for the month on road!

Sunday 6days out I woke up today with a million things to do remember after the Olympia im gone for a solid month so i have to pre pack and with all my training, eating  schedules and appointments the flex of old would of had a melt down. Turning a negative into positive my mind [...]

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