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Sunday packing for the month on road!

Sunday 6days out I woke up today with a million things to do remember after the Olympia im gone for a solid month so i have to pre pack and with all my training, eating  schedules and appointments the flex of old would of had a melt down. Turning a negative into positive my mind [...]

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Saturday week out Mr Olympia 212

To say a week today I be stepping on the biggest stage and bringing THE BEST package I’ve ever brought is a mixture of emotions. The hard part is done this was started the day after my second place to Kevin English. Notice I never said controversial as everything I Believe happens for a reason [...]

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Friday 8days Out from Olympia

Friday a week out from weigh ins and 8 days out from stepping on the biggest stage in Bodybuilding to fill you guys in I’m eating more food than ever I’ve been holding my condition for the last week since Neil left, it was great having him here and im sure you guys have seen [...]

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Olympia 212 is Closing in!

As i write this I’m just under 4 weeks out, to say I’m nervous would be a understatement, this is the biggest show on earth for us Bodybuilders- the world cup, the Super bowl each sport has there pinnacle where you are defined the champion/ s of the world. September 29th there will be a [...]

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