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Neil's system is designed around 3 weeks this is where the 3 comes from in the Y3T. I have been Neil since i was 19 and feel aim the guinea pig to Y3T look it up in a dictionary and i will pop up next to it as the child who has had every angle and exercise on every week, and thanks to me and the Crazyness of Neils system you can now enjoy it for yourself! lol

Because of the unique weekly cycling there is never a plateo  your muscles are force to adapt to a new stimulus every time you train a muscle group that being said I've never had a injury, but strength and muscle gains have increased each and every year I've added as much as 11lbs in one year and the littlest being 4lbs!

Weekly Cycles

-During Week 1 of Y3T, Type 2B fast-twitch fibers will be targeted for improvement. These fibers are the big, explosive movers of your muscular system, and they need to be trained aggressively. They produce a lot of power but fatigue easily. The ideal way to hit these fibers is with explosive reps in the 6-10 range.

-During Week 2 of Y3T, Type 2A fast-twitch fibers are in the crosshairs. This fiber type responds well to lighter weights in the 12-16 rep range.

-Finally, during Week 3 of Y3T, Type 1 slow-twitch fibers get smacked around. This large group is best targeted with slow and controlled repetitions with a lot of time under tension. Repetitions performed will be anywhere from 20 (for biceps) all the way up to 100 (for legs).

CHECK OUT THE LINK BELOW- Follow this 9week training and let me know how YOU get off. Your gonna love it!

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