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The Art of posing

The Art form that many bodybuilders do not practice enough of, to me its the main display of showing your hard forged work in the gym, dinner plate and hours and hours invested on the chosen craft.  When thought about from a different perspective....... A Artists longs for a show case, this is when they can show there art/ paintings/ sculptures off to the world. I believe more of the older school bodybuilders had this view that the gym is where the art is created (body is built) so the stage is where it is shown.

How many times have you gone to a show and seen a bodybuilder with a great physique get beaten by a guy with a lesser, yet the guy with the lesser has mastered his posing. I have witnessed many a sight and have personally seen this.

A lot of guys get caught up in training and do everything that they should with there diets, yet leave posing practice to the very last minute trying to figure it out in many cases a week before there show. Posing practice should of started in there off season.

You need to consider posing as the 3rd part of contest preparation, additionally to training and dieting!!!

Posing should start weeks out before your show and as your body changes so should your posing tweaks, what you will witness is certain muscles starting to pop and feather as the show comes closer deeper lines and separations that would obviously not be apparent 20 weeks out for example, but as the ART OF POSING comes second nature, you will see that a simple movement of the wrist, a rotation of the calf, twist of the hip, all can be the difference between first and second place.

This is also a good time to start playing around with your posing routine, start to slowly putting something together.  Start listening to music, all around you, from the radio to Tv, you can also search YouTube and get ideas from others.

Here is my training partner and fellow TEAM Gaspari Athlete- Sean Barber and myself practicing posing

Sean has been working on his posing since the offseason and as his last show was the Nationals its been several months, he now can hit the very same poses which he struggled with in his last show with ease, not only that he can hold that pose for minutes as a posed to a few seconds and struggled, so the key is here practice equals perfect- he's now is a whole new physique and bodybuilder going into his up coming show.

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Jomo K from [unknown location]
Hi Flex, i noticed that you look much more heavier actually in the offseason than years before, its awesome to see how your condition gets better & better..! this latest pics above gives me a bite of taste what we will see, when you onstage next time ! Nice improvements on chest Men ! Wish you will get well payed for that effort !
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