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The 90% Bodybuilder is this YOU?

This is not your typical blog from me more so a mini rant, im sure we all have heard this phrase "I'm not trying to peak for this show but the next" needless to say this normally happens to the guy who comes in looking like crap. My most recent run in with this phrase came a few weeks back and came from someone i didnt expect, this guy is no spring chicken to the stage and has a few shows under his belt, he proceceded to tell me he was doing a big up coming show, with a few enquiring questions, he went on to say this show was a “warm up show” for a even bigger show, he planned to come in at 90% and didn’t wanna peak for this one but for another- I need not say my reply but this is my 2 cents- IF you go in with THAT mentality you have already lost. In fact dont turn up!

I have NEVER gone into a show to peak for another, i go into win every time…….. why diet for a show with that "im coming in at 90% mindset" YOU WILL NEVER push through thresholds, never force yourself to do cardio when your body is saying no, never do them extra reps and as i mentioned in a previous blog practice your posing when your body is hurting head to toe.

Dieting- training- posing is all 100% IF your leave 1% out of any of these- then Bodybuilding is not for you, in fact what sport is!!!

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