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Olympia 212 is Closing in!

As i write this I'm just under 4 weeks out, to say I'm nervous would be a understatement, this is the biggest show on earth for us Bodybuilders- the world cup, the Super bowl each sport has there pinnacle where you are defined the champion/ s of the world. September 29th there will be a New Mr Olympia and a New 212 Olympia Champion, i have tried to walk n talk all year as if i did in 2011 but seemingly regardless in the record books of time my name isnt on that title.


As my avid fans knows 2011 was a bit of a up and down year for me but i dieted throughout, i must confess i should of done one show as i was going through to much but as driven and focused i was no one could tell me different. Now looking back i dont know how i done it myself!

2012 i set myself a new mind set and started my walk, and as i said above to be the champion you have to know how to walk like one, so with the help of professionals outside the sport ive been doing some extra things to enable my mind set out the gym is on point as when im in it throwing weights around.

Motivation comes from many places for me, i pride myself on being a prideful Welshman and also knowing the place ive come from motivates me to work that much harder for my future, my main motivation is my family and im very excited that my family will be there again this year at the Olympia with a few additions and of coarse all my crazy friends and not leaving out YOU GUYS my amazing fans!!!

Im gonna sign out here and say guys thanks for all the support i truly mean it, i love my fans. The diets kicking in and so are the glutes its time to go through the hell weeks but each day i picture that image from a photographers lense of my hand being lifted. Im not a cocky person far from it but this year im confident that im leaving no stone unturned!!!

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paul g from [unknown location]
its your time to shine.....
Tyler C from Tenafly, NJ
This is it big man. You got it this year. You know it and everybody who is a fan of this sport knows it. Good luck with all the dieting and training. You deserve the gold medal!
Connie W from Naples, FL
You are like no other, you are the one who can pave the way with the stones you turn over. Keep up the motivation we all look to see what greatness you keep showing. :)
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