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Friday 8days Out from Olympia

Friday a week out from weigh ins and 8 days out from stepping on the biggest stage in Bodybuilding to fill you guys in I'm eating more food than ever I've been holding my condition for the last week since Neil left, it was great having him here and im sure you guys have seen the trailer we really busted ass with double cardio days and double training days to get me up to speed needless to say before he left i was bang on and if not ahead so the increase in cals and me dropping a few lbs here and there to bring me to where aim now and holding on to muscle was the main concern.

As i mentioned we don't lose muscle at this point so fats have been Increased and so have Carbs nothing stupid crazy but to say I'm far from hungry is also no lie.  This time next week we be weighing in, it be the first time ever I don't have to worry about making weight as I've been in it the last few weeks.

It's madness at this time, last week i shot with 3 different camera crews but I always rememeber where i come from and as a fan and now being considered one of the best in the sport I  do the things I, as a fan of the sport would want to see myself!

It is why i use every social media out let so Follow me on twitter @flex_lewis and on my Facebook fan IFBB flex Lewis  Its going to be a social network blow out going into this years show.

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