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Saturday week out Mr Olympia 212

To say a week today I be stepping on the biggest stage and bringing THE BEST package I've ever brought is a mixture of emotions. The hard part is done this was started the day after my second place to Kevin English. Notice I never said controversial as everything I Believe happens for a reason and that said the positives out weigh the negatives my fans are amazing and they really voiced there opinion on boards etc i kept quiet as i was in the gym not even thinking about it training to step back against Kevin it fueled me to NEVER want to have that feeling again.

As of recent last years champion pulled out with injury, im unsure what injury he sustained but i want to wish him well and get well soon as i look forward to a well rested injury free kevin back on stage at next years show so i can battle!

On a different note.......... HOLLY SHIT its a week away? With very little energy I'm ampt up, i just wish it was Wednesday already so i can be in my hotel with Neil and my team. Its been a long year and for something i eat- slept- dreamed of it and now i feel its within my grasps, i want this title so bad ive left no stone unturned going into this show. A week today we will know but one thing for sure i know looking back i cant blame one thing as ive given my all!

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