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Sunday packing for the month on road!

Sunday 6days out

I woke up today with a million things to do remember after the Olympia im gone for a solid month so i have to pre pack and with all my training, eating  schedules and appointments the flex of old would of had a melt down.

Turning a negative into positive my mind set this year has been alternated on how I walk talk and act. This didn't happen over night and changing ways of old didn't come fast nor easy. Im at a great stage in my life of growing mentally, i looked back later in the day when the majority of things were done and thought dam i would of done this and that before and i pretty much with my new mind set  handled today day also better, I do things a lot different handle tasks and even work at a different pace, there's a multitude of reasons and many a book and audio CD listened to, but all in all it's changing your surroundings and people around you.

When I started weaning off the negatives, so much open for me, time, energy mental thought process.

Believe me when I say it really does work, I'm sure you can list in your head a number of people who u really spent effortless time with and they bleed your energy yet nothing never changes its TIME TO CUT THEM OUT. Life is to short live the moments that are wasted with people who want that time with you or spend it productively on growing you.

With that said I met the love of my life and I can say Ive never been this happy she amazes me daily and stimulates me mentally as well as the physical. lol But all in all shes there for me and will always push me i dont need much just support as i feel i can do anything when my mind is applied.

Now that said my mind set is on winning its branded in my head daily every rep every set every workout every day. I'm far from cocky but u have to be confident, a fighter doesn't go into the ring to think he can win he knows he can. Mind set on the prize guys change today for the better you!

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Scott M from Loves Park, IL
awesome job mr. olympia 212/2012 you have made incredible gains last few years congrats.i have a cousin that lives in murfreesboro tennesee.nice town .
JC F from San Antonio, TX
Hey Flex. I just want you to know that I've been following your career for a good while now and I gotta tell you bro. I'm damn proud of you. I'm a nobody from San Antonio tx. But shit man when I saw the results of the 2012 Olympia and saw u took it. I was so damn happy and proud of you. I watch all your gaspari TV shows and see how you train. I was truly a fan tho after I saw your road back to Europe for the British grand. But like I said man. You truly inspire me. And so does your boss rich. That dudes still a fuckin beast in the gym haha. Excuse my language but rich if you read this I wanna thank-you also for all the inspiration and shared knowledge. Ill never quit either guys. Again congratulations flex and I continue to wish u and the GASPARI team much success.
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