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Olympia Depletion Days 1-3

`What a crazy few days the last week has been which explains my absence on the blog! As you can imagine, after fulfilling a lifelong dream and winning the 212 Mr Olympia title I have barely had a chance to eat my meals, nevertheless I have!!

So back to business, the week going into the Mr Olympia this year was the end of what has to be the best pre-contest prep I have ever gone through with my coach and great friend, Neil ‘’Yoda’’ Hill.

Having started packing for the month (seriously no joke) on the Sunday I got up and after some back and forth chat on the whats-app with boss man Neil Hill the game plan was sent. The plan was to get the first carb meal in and then hit the gym, where I would kill my  last shoulder session. To my surprise i was shockingly strong pushing more weight with form or rep for rep if not more than some my training partners.

Depletion is one the hardest times to push through but my mind set was very strong and physically i was also again i really put this down to my prep going in being the best as i mention prior my set was on point, Considering I have been eating more carbs and fats and more food than any other show of old todays carbs dropped keeping fats the same and proteins, we dropped my carbs down to 120gm, having done my am cardio followed by training it was only a day of running around and a night cardio and a killer posing session left before it was ground hog day.

Monday day 2 of my depletion phase was a hectic day Not only did I have to pack for my trip to Vegas, I had to pack a month’s worth of personal belongings (clothes) as I was going to straight to the UK from Vegas. As if that wasn’t enough I also had to pack 2 suit cases full of official ‘’Flex Lewis’’ Merchandise (DVDs and new shorts) for my store at the Sportex Festival and British GP in Manchester at the Trafford Centre. I weighted myself and the day was set followed a 20 brisk walk followed by the diet plan of prior a few whatsapps and calls later like autopilot i was told the game plan and with my day being planned out around my flight to Florida to meet up with my girlfriend, Ali. I choose to fly to floida so we can fly together having such a great support network it only made sense fly out to Vegas together and get settled in, and as they say 4 hand are better than two!

Tuesday was a great day, I was able to chill with Ali and get into the third day of my depletion phase – it was a God send having a day where I didn’t have so much on even though stress was still there again as mentioned before to have that extra hands to help was amazing the usual jobs which all added up on time and energy seemly were done together thus resulting in more time so overly think if we really hadnt packed everything but the kitchen sink.

Up and early-

Our driver arrived at 5am and having taken one look at our bags decided a mini bus was needed, we headed to the airport and surpring i was pretty energerised those who know me, know im no morining person maybe its new leaf?

Myself and Neil spoke prior to his departure and he wanted to keep me on another morning of low carbs until we met in our suite in Vegas, after landing we headed to the car rental.  We headed right to hotel where Neil messaged me to say he just checked in, plan was to get in to our accommodation set up base camp and relax, can't say this plan was flawless but seriously it was close.....Neil came to look at me later that day and he was more than pleased with what he saw, with that he enthusiastically shouted the words ‘’Fuck me mate your bang on, You are ready to carb up, Flex.’’

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