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Unlike my other years my depletion phase wasn’t so extreme, like I said I was having 120g of carbs a day. When it came to load we started with a ‘’regular’’ day’s eating for myself and continued to increase the carbs for as long as my digestive tract was processing the food properly and I was able to use the bathroom regularly. My body has the ability to hold an awful lot of carbs but my digestive system can be temperamental with drastic fluctuations which is why Neil opted to gradually build my carb intake for the loading phase.

As Thursday rolled around I had to go to the athlete’s meeting which I always enjoy, there are many competitors and friends I don’t see much who were there and many new athletes I was yet to meet. This meeting is used as a window of opportunity by the IFBB to explain the rulings, and there was one new stipulation which neither myself nor many of the other athletes were happy about. During pre-judging we had to do a posing routine as well as in the finals. Having said that, with the past and what I have conditioned myself to push on through I saw this as a minor bump in the road, no big deal. Sometimes you just have to get on with it!! That night back at the hotel we applied several coats of tan before I hit the sack ready for the morning.

Friday was D-day, I got up bright and early and we applied for tan- Neil messaged me for my weight and was up 15mins later still in his PJs (no photos were taken sorry) i was 206.2 on my scales and well with in the weight BUT no matter how confident you are with your weight, until you actually see you’re within the limits on the official scale you can’t help but feel nervous. We planned the day out packed the food bag and eat two meals with a lil water and headed to the venue, before I left the hotel room I weighed in at 207lbs so I knew I was ok, 5lbs under the limit. However, when I arrived at the expo and got on the official scales it wasn’t plain sailing!! They had to weigh me FOUR times, to add to the tension Bob Chicherello was laughing and joking – although I knew I couldn’t possibly be 5.1lbs heavier in the space of a matter of minutes there were those few seconds where I wondered!! At last, my official weigh in was 206lbs, I was IN!

What I do remember form the weigh-in was the sheer love and support from the crowd, in feel so blessed to have my fans in my corner – they are amazing!! As you know I spend a lot of time travelling the world and reaching out to my fans in all corners of the world and boy did they return the favour during the weigh-ins! I love you guys, thank you.

With all business taken care of I went back to the Gaspari Nutrition booth for a short visit before going back to my hotel in anticipation for the next day’s pre-judging.

We headed back to take another look at me in the same mirrors and light weighed one more time and out came Neils ipad to plan the remaining day out with times to tan etc hes so anal about everything i really dont know of another coach who gives so much to his athletes.

Several carb meals later it was time to hit the hay, boy was it tired, time to sleep!

That concludes part 1, in part 2 you will get to  hear about my experience heading into the Mr Olympia contest, the emotions back stage and of course that fateful moment where I was the last man standing in the 212 class!

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