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Its hard to find a starting point whilst speaking about Joe, a paragraph, a sentence to describe Joe Weider a man whom devoted his life to fitness and all avenues of it. He was a pioneer whom became a world wide legend, some might call him a Christopher Columbus of fitness as what we see as the norm today all were new discoveries, and uncharted waters for him. Joe had a plan and that was to show case training to the masses, accompanied by his brother Ben who also devoted his life to the sport, both men changed the game, with Joe going on to brand his name on everything from magazines, media, supplement lines,clothing, fitness equipment etc.

I have been blessed to meet Joe on a few occasions over the last few years, and although over the years his body was older and lil more frailer than the last, his mind was as sharp as a blade, witty, kind and inspiring, you left with an ego, as Joe had the ability to flip the fact you came to see him, and in my case hone in on my arms making me feel like I was the biggest guy he ever saw.

I wrote on my instragram the following-

RIP #JoeWeider.

The pioneer of Bodybuilding- I shed a few tears looking at this photo as this taken in Joes office @FLEX_Magazine the day that i signed, i was a young 23yr old amateur and got to meet Joe Weider for the very first time!!!

Unknowing to even the Weider staff Joe was in his office that day having recently had back surgery he was told to recover at home he didnt want none of that having his nurse sneak him in i was told. On meeting him he was told not to leave his chair he insisted he stood up and shook my hand and take these photos he had so much enthusiasm and passion and as frail as his body was his mind was Sharpe, passionate for everything bodybuilding even witty! He will not only have a never ending impact in my life but on millions around the world through all his avenues of media/ print/ supplements/ weights etc!

Joe you will be missed but you will NEVER EVER be forgot. We all love you and behalf of all the fitness industry thank you for changing the game!!!

I feel I can speak from us ALL at Gaspari and all the fitness industry, thank you all for everything you have done, you have changed lives around the world not only in the fitness industry or on the competitive side, but also SAVED lives by showing people how to eat and train, helping people outside of bodybuilding from sports such as golf, cycling, swimming but to name a few, all sports in the athletes  use weights to help them progress in their chosen craft. This could have not been done without  Joe's Weider principles.

There will ONLY be ONE Joe Weider and  I am so thankful for the honor of meeting him, having the Weider sponsorship he created and memories and stories I can one day pass on to my family.


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Yoan M from Covington, GA
Flex lewis : my name is yoan I think you can be mr olympia one day just keep the same effort 've had to date. which is the same effort follow you .
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