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10 Weeks Out from 2013 Olympia

With the 2013 Olympia now under 10 weeks away cardio has began!

We have all heard about guys bragging about not doing cardio "I dont need it, I have a fast metablism" or "my coach tells me I cant get away with it" listen I'm one of the most conditioned guys up on the Olympia stage and pride myself for knowing that and I work hard to get into that condition and set my own bar high, without high intensity cardio there would be NO WAY I could look the way I do show after show.

Every single Pro whos is the upper echelon of the sport does cardio- Dexter Jackson got away with it for sometime and even he will be the first to admit them days have gone. His whole career just did a 180, from changes and cardio was one of them.

Cardio is an essential part of prep and for anyone who can say they dont need it, the day of the show will tell you different, theres a difference between being lean and ridiculous shredded homie, turn to the back lets see them glutes...

So to recap my short blog I've now been strict dieting for 4 weeks on food changes alone and just started to add cardio in at around 20 mins everyday. I've dropped a few lbs in the first week but now have stabilized, my cardio at 20 mins a day may continue for several weeks until Neil Hill sees fit to change it. Last year we did no more that 35/40mins in the am and around 3 weeks out added in a brisk second 20 mins in the pm to dropping it out totally a week out. I DIDNT NEED IT  I was ready!!!!

I will keep all you guys posted weekly, nervous energy is around me daily and I feel the target on my back. The key is not over training thinking more is better let cardio do the fat buring let the training keep the muscle- what put it on will keep it on!

Train hard - train smart leave No Stone Unturned!


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