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Episode 3 of my FLEX Online series, Defending The Olympia 212 Title -Chest

Hey guys. We're 5 weeks out from the Olympia Weekend and this is by far the best prep I have experienced thus far.  As I've said previously, if Neil is happy then I am happy. I have been working on a lot of improvements, but most notably my chest.  In episode 3 of my FLEX Online series, Defending The Olympia 212 Title, Sean Barber and I focus on squeezing the chest. I hope you like it. Here is the detailed workout below.

Episode 3, Chest Training. Click here

Cable flies into an isolated squeeze…

2 warm up sets, then 4 working sets of no less than 15 to 20 reps emphasizing on the squeeze

Laying DB presses…

4 working sets of 10-15 reps

Seated Hammer Strength Wide Press with a squeeze…

4 working sets of 8-15 reps

Pec Deck with squeeze…

3 working sets of 12-20 reps

Dips with legs back, isolating the chest

*which is executed by staying in the bottom of the movement as to not engage the tricep

3 conventional dip sets, rep 30-50 for 2 sets, then as a finishing exercise do straight leg, at least 10 reps to failure

As Sean says in the video, its not about how much weight you can throw around, but how you isolate the muscle and squeeze. Try this workout and let me know if you like it. Next week, Rich Gaspari and I give you something special -training glutes so you can get them shredded on stage to stand out from the competition. Until then leave NO STONE UNTURNED #believetoachieve

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