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Something I have really learnt to do in order to bring my bodyparts is focus on the contraction, i was brought up in a power-lifting gym so i seen guys lifting some heavy feats, maybe i was caught in the shuffle but until Neil put me on his Y3T programme i finally felt the meaning of contraction.

Those who dont know this myself and Neil have been together since my second ever show, having met Neil in my first where he was the head judge. Our friendship formed fast and i was heading to train and see Yoda once a week on a 2hour round trip, when training along side him he taught me that Heavy weights builds muscle, but learning to control that weight and contract and squeeze is what will build it faster, the ole frequently used sentence "mind to muscle connection" is what is always thrown around and this is true.

As mentioned above my old back round was powerlifting this is something i done long before bodybuilding when i played rugby,  i love throwing around weight, but as i get older and more mature longevity is what is now more so thought about in my lifting, plus if im not 100% contracting or lifting correctly then i will quickly  refocusing and drop the weight, days of ego have gone, well Somewhat..... lol

Believe me guys i really dont wanna be in the gym any longer than i need to also and when i was powerliting the stop starts suits and belts would be in itself a 5hour training session, and as much as i love Bodybuilding the days of 2hour arm workouts are gone, if trained correctly you should be messed up with in the hour to 45min's.

I hope if anything you can take away the advice of conntracting the muscle, strength will soon come in time believe me.....


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