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Hey everyone!

I wanted to touch base with everyone. It has been a few weeks since I have blogged and some of you have been emailing wondering what is next for me. Well my June month was crazy busy, but now I have a slow July. (Which is good for me, trying to play catch up!) I am just training my clients and going to acting/hosting school this month. I do have a few fitness and Healthy Housewives photoshoots as well but what is really exciting for me this month is that I will be shooting a cover and a feature for VIVA GLAM Magazine!

Katarina Van Derham (editor-in-chief) of VIVA GLAM magaizne asked me if I wanted to do a feature and a cover for an upcoming issue. I hadn't heard of this magazine before her email. I went online and researched it and I LOVED what I saw. The magazine is 60's and 70's inspired glamour meets high fashion. It is a Bridget Bardot feel to it. I loved that era and her! I emailed Katarina back and said yes, yes, and yes! This is so different than my normal fitness stuff. I love shooting stuff that is out of my norm. So Katarina and I emailed back and forth on ideas. She said she wanted to put me in a retro swimsuit for the feature. Excited about that! I will be tweeting and Facebooking the shoot for you. I know alot of you say you love the behind the scene pics. I do too. I like the making of things. It is a whole production.


Please check out the website. You won't be dissappointed!


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