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Hello Everybody!

I am so excited to announce to you that the Healthy Housewives got nominate for the “ALIVE lifestyle” award at a star studded celebrity event! WOO HOO! The event is an ec0-friendly health and fitness event that recognizes leaders in the industry! This event will have celebrities like Tony Horton-from P90X, Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr-supermodel who leads an organic natural lifestyle who has an organic skincare line, Olivia Newton John, Kevin Trudeau, and many more. Check out this wonderful event!

As you know our mission statement is about leading a green lifestyle. The Healthy Housewives will educate the world (even if it takes 1 person at a time) on how to be green. Our motto is “Healthy begins at home!” If you teach our youth at a young age to be eco-friendly, they will be aware of their surrounding for the future. You teach them to brush their teeth, why not teach them to go green. We need to be active role models today!

The Healthy Housewives will teach you how to go green without sacrificing your lifestyle. Gone are the day of eco-friendly hippy who wore a brown paper sack with Birkenstock sandals and no make up. You can be hip and trendy while going green! There are so many ways you can be so 2013 and the Healthy Housewives are here to show you! Just follow their updates on the HH site and social media. They will inform you on the latest and greatest of being green.

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Turn over a new leaf and GO GREEN!

yours in health, Marzia Prince

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