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What to look for in a gym

First off, my thoughts and prayers are with all who were affected by Hurricane Sandy yesterday as it churned up the entire Eastern seaboard. I have many friends in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island who are now dealing with power outages and massive flooding. My own daughter attends college in New York City [...]

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Results of a failed experiment

Since I have shared successful training experiments with you all in the past, I think it’s only right that today I also share the results of a failed experiment. Often failure is a great teacher, and knowing ‘what doesn’t work’ can be a very useful step in the process of elimination towards finding out what [...]

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Do you need to get stronger to get bigger?

Do you need to get stronger to get bigger? The short answer is, absolutely you do. The more complicated answer is that there will come a time when you will need to incorporate other tactics to stimulate further muscle gains, because you will approach your absolute strength limit long before you hit your absolute limit [...]

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Do you have to bench press and squat?

Probably two of the most common training questions asked all around the world are, do you have to bench press for a good chest? And, do you have to squat for good legs? Let’s start with the bench press. You can certainly build a very good chest without the barbell bench press. But you will [...]

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TRT Q and A

Today’s Pump happens to be aimed at men 40 and over, just so you know. To those of you many years away from that age, you may want to read it anyway since eventually you won’t be so young! Q. “Ron, I just read the Oct. 9th Daily Pump, and I have to give you [...]

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Off-Season FAQ

With the fall upon us, most bodybuilders are going into ‘off-season’ mode, aiming to gain as much muscle mass as possible over the cold months before cutting up again in the spring or summer. Today I wanted to address some very common questions about going about this process optimally. Q. How much bodyfat is acceptable [...]

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A very different type of ‘Before and After’

As much as I talk about how my physique is still improving even at age 43 and closing in on 30 years (!) of consistent training, I wasn’t really sure about that. Occasionally someone would ask me what I felt was the best I ever looked onstage was, and I honestly thought it was the [...]

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Which supplements do you really need?

Lest you think today’s blog is going to be one long sales pitch, I can assure you it will not. This may seem odd for someone who is a Team Gaspari athlete and who has also been contributing to John Parrillo’s Performance Press every month for going on 20 years. In fact, I will state [...]

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